Butterfly Feeder: Upgrading or Complete New System


Upgrade to Butterfly: Keep your existing system.

If your poultry production operation currently uses an auger and tube feed delivery system, the chances are you can easily upgrade your existing pan type feeders to the Butterfly Tray feeders without the need to replace the entire systems. Simply remove the pan feeders from your existing 45 mm and 49 mm O.D. feed tubes and install Butterfly Tray feeders and component assemblies. There is no need to replace your existing feeder tubes, augers, hoppers, gearboxes, motors and suspension system.

The diagram below shows the Butterfly Concepts items that can be installed onto your existing pan feeding system:

A) Actuator Winch  
B) Butterfly Tray
C) Tray Return: Handle Version

D) Tray Return: Spring Version
E) End-Line Control Tray.

Complete New Butterfly System Installation

If you are intending to build a new poultry facility or replace your entire feeding system, rest assured that Butterfly Concept assemblies and components interface with virtually all commercially available feeder tubes, augers, hoppers, gearboxes, motors and suspension components available on the market today. Your authorized Butterfly Concepts distributor can supply the Butterfly Concepts items as well as additional items required for a completely new Butterfly Tray feeding system. See items 1-8  (listed below) in illustration above.

1) Feed Hopper
2) Suspension Items
3) Feed Tube
4) Feed Auger

5) Actuator Cable
6) Proximity/Paddle Switch
7) Gear Box
8) Motor

For an Upgrade or Complete new system, contact your authorized Butterfly Concepts distributor for information on how to enjoy the benefits of a Butterfly Tray Feeding System.