Butterfly Feeder: Exclusive Benefits

Thinking different has a lot of benefits for poultry producers

The Butterfly Concepts feeding system promotes healthier birds by optimizing the feeding environment for your flock in a way that saves time and money and improves flock performance.

Keeps birds out of the feeder

The perimeter feeding design of the Butterfly Tray keeps birds from sitting and sleeping in the feeder and contaminating it with excrement that can transmit bacteria and disease. Keeping birds out of the feeder means feeding space is not taken away thereby affording birds full and unlimited access to feed from day one to depletion.  As such the Butterfly Feeder promotes bird welfare and improves flock performance.

Easy Access for Day-Olds

Traditional pan feeders create a tall barrier that makes it difficult for day-olds to access the feed – pan lip can be 7.5 cm (3 in.) or higher.  The Butterfly Feeder lip at day one is only 3.75 cm (1.5 in.) off the floor affording even smaller chicks easy access and assimilation to the feed.

Access to more feed as birds grow

As the birds grow open the Butterfly Trays, increasing both the width and depth, enabling each Butterfly Feeder to hold more feed while preventing feed spillage.  Additionally, as with any feeding system, height adjustments maintain the right feeding angle, keeping the feed supply easily accessible to the birds at all times.

Less Floor Space

The Butterfly Tray Feeder design takes up less floor space than typical pan feeders. It actually comes out to 0.024 m2 (0.258 sq. ft.) more usable floor space per feeding point compared to a 33 cm (13 in.) pan, thus allowing producers to either place more birds in the house or provide more floor space for the same number of birds.

Easier Bird Movement Through the House

Butterfly Trays afford a lot more room for older birds to move between the feeding vessels to other parts of the house. With traditional pan feeders this is not the case. Older birds, while eating, surround the pan feeder and create a barrier that can inhibit bird movement and access to the drinker lines.

Reduced labor time and costs

Clean up after bird depletion is easy and fast. Simply adjust the Butterfly Trays to their completely open position and raise the system above the birds’ heads so they can eat the remaining feed. Once the birds are removed, each feeder can be easily washed clean with a power sprayer. This yields tremendous labor savings when compared to removing, scrubbing and replacing each pan feeder one at a time.