Butterfly Concepts as a company is somewhat unconventional. It was formed with a single goal. To introduce the poultry world to a unique and innovative feeding device that addresses and solves the problems associated with pan type feeders. The Butterfly Tray Feeder is radically different from traditional round or oval pan feeders. It is rectangular in shape and features adjustable trays controlled by a central Actuator winch system that allows the feeders to grow with the growth of the birds.

The Butterfly Feeder’s key feature is its ability to easily change the feed access point from very, very low for day old chicks to progressively higher and deeper for older birds. Producers world-wide who use Butterfly Trays have noted how well their birds start and finish with lower mortality, better bird welfare and less feed wastage. 

We know and appreciate that its radical departure from the norm (pan type feeders) can be unsettling. But if you (poultry equipment distributor) are intrigued and appreciate the underlying principles designed and built into the Butterfly Feeder, then we are most certainly interested in you.

Our approach to marketing is methodical; we look for a highly interested and motivated distributor in a specific country or region and then arrange to have one or two Butterfly Tray systems installed with equally interested poultry producers. If, and only if, the system proves itself cost effective, we then open the market for additional sales.

If you are excited about the Butterfly Feeder concept and are interested in knowing more please click here.