Thinking Different…to make
innovation work for you.


Our goal has always been to develop a better feeder that overcomes the deficiencies of traditional “pan type” feeders. The key here is a better “feeder”, as opposed to a “feeding system”. We recognize the practical benefits of auger type feeding systems for delivering the feed to the feeder so we carefully designed Butterfly Feeders to interface and easily install onto existing feeding systems found world-wide.  

This means that a poultry producer can easily and cost effectively upgrade their existing “pan type” feeding system to Butterfly without having to install a complete new system. Provided the existing motors, gearboxes, hoppers, feeder tubes and augurs are in good order, simply remove the pan feeders from the feed tube, install the Butterfly Trays, Actuator Winches, Actuator Cables, Tray Returns and Control Trays and the Butterflying of your feeding system is complete.

While many existing “pan type” houses have been converted to Butterfly Feeders your Butterfly Concept distributor can also supply a complete Butterfly feeding system (hopper to motor) for new housings or if your existing augur system is worn out and needs to be replaced.

In either case we invite you to consult with your authorized Butterfly Concepts distributor for the best possible solution for upgrading to Butterfly. By thinking different and being meticulous in our development process, we are confident that Butterfly Feeders will improve the health and productivity of your poultry. We welcome your questions and inquiries.