Butterfly Feeder: An Innovative New Concept


The innovative Butterfly Tray feeding system presents feed to the birds in a feeding vessel that is both low and narrow. The low design feature means day old birds easily find the feed because the feed is in front and down from their eyes. The narrow design feature prevents even day old birds from eating feed while standing inside the feeding vessel as it is far more comfortable for them to stand outside the feeder when eating. This means that the feed even at day one is not soiled or compromised by fecal material thus ensuring stronger and healthier bird start.


Then, as the birds grow, the Butterfly Trays are incrementally opened making it both wider and deeper. Making it wider accommodates their increasingly larger heads and making it deeper increases the feed level and amount presented to the birds.


As the birds continue to grow simply open the Butterfly Trays even wider. Doing so makes distance from the feed to the lip of the tray even greater thereby preventing feed spillage. And as with all feeding systems simply raise the system progressively higher to maintain the proper feeding angle.

For wash down and cleaning, there’s no need to individually open each and every feeder and then individually reinstalling all the pans again after the wash down. Two seconds of turning the Actuator winch and all the Trays open fully.