This innovative feeder concept is charting a new way forward in poultry houses. Using access points to the feed that start off both narrow and low to the ground, the Butterfly Feed Tray provides day-old chicks easy access to all the feed they want while standing on the floor. With the trays set narrow, the day-olds cannot climb into the feeder and thus will not defecate in and contaminate the feed.

Then, as the birds grow, all feeding trays on the line can be made deeper and wider with a single turn of the crank to accommodate increasing quantities of feed, while retaining narrow tray access to keep birds out of the feeder.

Because the tray gets deeper as birds grow, feed is more likely to stay in the tray and not spill on the floor. As birds grow, the entire system can be frequently (and easily) raised using a winch to maintain proper feeding height and angle.

At the end of the grow-out the tray crank completely opens every feeder on the line for easy wash-out. Click for more details.